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Elli Fox & Brynn Tyler First Time Wife Swappers

Brynn from First Time Wife Swappers does not want to loose her husband Anthony, however she is sick and tired of discovering him with other ladies. He has out running after other women and not his spouse, perhaps if she offers him a different lady he will probably quite the idea. The thing is that she would like a something for herself.
Elli from FirstTimeWifeSwappers and Van also have other ladies occasionally, however Elli is tired of other women and desires some other penis as well… Appears like we got two Swinger Porn couples all set to go! If the relationships are fantastic or not there is never a negative reason to get wife swapping, particularly when its on our video cameras! For similar videos and picture galleries cum inside website. Enjoy!


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Wife Switch

Hey there! In today’s update we have more couples fucking between them. They are all at the same party and of course after a few drinks everyone got a bit dizzy and horny as well. Although everyone wanted it no one suggested it, but the weather was in their favor because outside started raining and everyone entered in the house. After a few more drinks they started fooling around, nothing nasty, only in couple. But something changed afterwards and they started changing partners and making out with each other. You all know that was the beginning because afterwards they ended up fucking one another. Make sure you see the entire scene, you really don’t want to miss the entire gallery. If you liked this you must visit for more hot chicks changing partners. Enjoy it!

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Nikita Noir and Dylan Rider getting banged

These two hot wives know each other since college and they used to to so many crazy things together. After they both got married they both moved to the same neighborhood without knowing. When the babes meet again in a shop and find out that they live so close to each other, they plan a dinner party.

While they are catching up, the husbands are talking about sports trying to get to know each other and Dylan keeps noticing that  her husband keeps checking out Nikita. Dylan also feels attracted to Nikita’s husband and as you can imagine they end up banging each other. Have fun watching the babes swapping husbands and riding their hard bog cocks. If you like hardcore sex scenes you must check out this place where babes are getting fucked by strangers on a boat, so go to bang boat and take a look around. Have fun and com back soon!


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